Mountain Girls in California

Back in January (2016) I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Mountain Girls event in Big Bear, California. The wonderful ladies at the @mountaingirls Instagram organized an epic weekend of hiking, yoga, snowboarding, and social events. They hosted 30 or so women in one big snow lodge. It was kind of like school camp, minus any catty or competitive vibes. I would describe the weekend as giggly, supportive and incredibly fun.

A few ladies and I decided to extend the weekend as much as we could. In 5 days we managed to cram in visits to the desert, mountains, and beach… I only knew one person before the event but went away with loads of new friends, some of whom I have already caught up with since. My absolute favorite thing about social media is how it connects like-minded people!

A big thanks to the following companies for hosting us: Mountain Girls, Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake Brewing Company, The Cave Big Bear, Ultimate Ears, Arbor Girls.

Here are some of the highlights including a video I put together of the weekend:

Mountain Girls in Colorado Mountain Girls in Colorado Mountain Girls in Colorado Mountain Girls in Colorado


  1. Saw your blog because me and my wife were researching where to spend our 21st Wedding Anniversary. Sadly Napa is still smoldering and a lot of the smoke is still in the valley and along the coast. We decided on Hicksville. The cabins look fun and adventurous!

  2. I live in Sweden and I dream of visiting California during the summer (that might be all year, I’m not sure). There is so much I’d like to see: The architecture, theme parks, LA and much, much more. I’m thinking of renting a car and drive along the coast and see where I land. Great post btw ?

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