My Road Trip Essentials

There are items you absolutely need for a road trip (think bedding, food etc.) and then there are things that simply make your journey that little bit more special. This blog post is about the latter – items that I absolutely love having with me on road trips and that I get a lot of enjoyment out of.

Living in a van has it’s challenges but having these items helps make the road feel like home.

My current road trip with Drink Evolve to all 59 US National Parks has been an absolute blast! When they heard about this post they jumped at the opportunity to give back to my readers. So head down to the bottom of the article for a chance to WIN some of my essentials! (now closed)
Road Trip Essentials Giveaway Renee Roaming

My Road Trip Essentials


Everyone knows that good music makes or breaks a road trip. Recently some of my favorites artists have been Covenhoven, Lord Huron, Ira Wolf, Gregory Alan Isakov, Hollow Caves, Lorde, Frank Ocean & Vance Joy. Podcasts are also a fantastic option if you want to mix things up. I would highly recommend a portable speaker such as the Ultimate Ears Roll for keeping those tunes rolling in any setting. During this trip we have used ours in the van, around camp, rafting, and attached to our backpacks.
Road Trip Essentials Giveaway Renee Roaming


Road trips can be go-go-go, so a quick and nutritious option for food is a must. I will often have an Evolve protein drink before heading out to shoot sunrise and I love making pancakes with some added chocolate protein powder. Staying healthy and fueled on the road is an absolute must for me!


Want to know the best way to turn any space into a cozy haven? Blankets! I love how they can be used for warmth and decoration in so many different ways. My favorite brand is Sackcloth & Ashes because they are super soft and give back to charity for every blanket sold. Blankets also make wonderful props for photos or hiding a messy trunk!

Road Trip Essentials Giveaway Renee Roaming


Everyone and their grandma knows what a backpack is used for and why they are a must for road trips… I choose to haul my stuff around in a Topo Designs Rover Pack and will sometimes add the camera cube to transport a selection of my photography gear.


Every good road trip will call for a bathing suit at least once! I have recently pulled out my Albion Fit Weekender Swimsuit for jaunts in the Caribbean and some freezing alpine lakes. I find one pieces to be practical and this one in particular can double up as a jumpsuit/top underneath a skirt.
Road Trip Essentials Giveaway Renee Roaming


Road trips often mean longer than usual stints without showering (the reality of #vanlife!) The best way to cover greasy or unruly hair is with a hat, headband, beanie, bandana or headscarf. I love my boater hat for sunny conditions, beanie or wool hat for cooler temperatures, or a cute bandana to help look more put together (or simply tie my hair back!) I also get a ton of use out of my Buffs (neck warmer, headband, eye mask, pillow cover, face cover, mini towel, etc.)


Who doesn’t love a good set of fairy lights?! We use a bunch like these in our van to help make everything cozier (bonus – they look great in photos!) We also have a Barebones lantern to help with lighting in the van and a Goal Zero mini lantern to take out camping.
Road Trip Essentials Giveaway Renee Roaming


I am all about comfort and try to find clothing items that are practical, durable and also look at least semi cute! My favorite items of clothing right now are my Vuori Leggings (plus I LOVE their joggers and shorts), my Columbia Saturday Convertible Trail Pants, and my Arc’Teryx Cerium LT Down Jacket. I am also really enjoying my Keen Terradora hiking boots, which are a great lighter weight option for travel.


Of course my camera gear is an essential for any road trip! You can read more about what I pack in my camera bag here.


Road trips usually involve some down time and I personally enjoy having a break from adventuring and working every now and then. I love watching my favorite travelers and vloggers on YouTube – TIP: YouTube Red is the best for off-the-grid traveling as you can download videos and watch them offline. When watching videos on my phone I find using a pop-socket to be super helpful (seriously the best inventions!)

Road Trip Essentials Giveaway


There aren’t too many things better than a warm drink on a crisp morning or a cool drink after a long sweaty hike. I use my Hydroflask & SicCup insulated water bottles and tumblers pretty much on a daily basis.


Traveling and living on the road can get exhausting! I try to take time out to keep my mind and body as healthy as possible. Some ways I choose to do this is on a hike, sitting by the water, writing in my journal, stretching on my yoga mat, or burning/using some dōTerra essential oils.


Road Trip Essentials Giveaway

The awesome team over at Drink Evolve are offering my readers a chance to win a bunch of my essentials things!  They are giving away:

SOME delicious Evolve GOODIES!
Introduction essential oils kit by DōTerra
Phone pop-socket
Sackcloth & Ashes blanket 
Hydroflask drink bottle 
Barebones lantern
Topo Designs Rover Pack
Vuori Joggers 


Leave a comment below sharing one of your essential road trip items. Be sure to leave some sort of means to contact you (Instagram or Twitter handle).


Head on over to Drink Evolve’s most recent Instagram post (click here) and follow the quick steps for entry!

A winner will be chosen at random and notified by July 28. The winner will also be announced on this blog post and Drink Evolve’s Instagram Stories so be sure to follow along!

The winner was Dena from @itsacupcakelife! Congratulations!

Road Trip Essentials Giveaway Renee Roaming


Disclaimer – The 59 National Parks Road Trip is sponsored by Drink Evolve and they have kindly offered to supply the items for this giveaway. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means (at no cost to you!) I may get a small percentage of any purchases. Thank you for choosing to support my blog. As always, all opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. I never go on a road trip without a camera, a well-stocked playlist, and LOTS of snacks. 🙂
    Instagram: @prettyrickety

  2. Camera! I don’t leave anywhere without it. I love capturing beautiful photos that transport me right back to that adventure! And obviously gotta stay cozy so I bring along my Sackcloth and Ashes blanket!! @emmmelana_

  3. A road trip is always fun loving and adventurous especially when you’re with your friends. Always carry your camera to capture the moments for the rest of life. You can also take cute hats, scarf always carry extra clothes. Anyways except these things just forget worry of everything and enjoy the trip.

  4. Hi,
    I’m a huge fan of what ever you do :)). I’m wondering. I know you were sleeping in a van but what about camping in a tent in the States? Is it legal to sleep in the wild or in the national parks? And by the way, have you ever considered giving any photography/editing tips :)?

  5. I always bring lots of socks because my feet always get cold! I’d love to win the topodesigns backpack! @elizabethaleo on Instagram

  6. My essentials for road tripping include our French press to make good coffee in the am (which in my opinion needs cream and homemade cinnamon syrup), Coleman lantern that has four separate pods allowing multiple users, cheese, crackers, fruit, and my FiftyFifty vacuum sealed waterbottles. I don’t leave anywhere without my beanie, chunky fingerless gloves, and puffy (down jacket). Ooo and my birks.
    Find me on Instagram @makimariah

  7. what an incredible blog you have sister! so glad I stumbled across it. my one big road trip essential is super bizarre but, there’s these rice-quinoa packs from Seeds of Change and you need a microwave to heat them up but, that’s partially why they’re perfect road trip food! you stop for gas and can run in and most (if not all) gas stations have a microwave! not to mention, they are DELICIOUS and filling and full of protein! also, shoutout to the essential oils bc they are the real MVP. @meooowgan

  8. Some of my road trip essentials are clothing and footwear fit for exploring – like a bathing suit, comfy sweaters and my hiking boots.
    (Instagram: @christinavernersen)

  9. My roadtrip essentials would be homemade granola bars, sun block, camera, my quilt and a sweater because I get cold easily 🙂
    @anabear21 on instagram

  10. Gosh, where do I start, your photos are so incredibely beautiful. I’ve been following on Instagram for a while, a true inspiration (and I know that sounds so cliché). I would love to know how you get the lighting right when taking a photo in the van with the beautiful view!
    My daypack just broke on my most recent trip to Cape York so I would absolutely love to have a new sturdy daypack. Other than that, I’m just going on another roadtrip so extra blankets and the light would be awesome! Fingers crossed. (my insta is @rooftopantics)

  11. A roadtrip essential for me is a hoodie+t-shirt. If it gets warmer I get rid of the hoodie tying it around my hips (looks cool also ?) and if it gets cold I just put it back on. Anything else is on my list but I am quite with my head in the clouds and I always forget stuff so these two are the only ones I certainly don’t forget.

  12. I would most like to try out doterra’s essential oils. As an avid outdoors(woman) I have struggled with severe reactions to mosquito bites in the wonderful northwoods, and would love to test out some natural cures to a problem I’ve been facing for years!!

  13. My road trip essentials would definitely be a blanket to keep warm during the chilly nights and some good snacks. I usually take trail mix, fruits, granola bars and water bottles to stay hydrated.
    @mzp5000 on Instagram 😀

  14. My go to road trip essentials are snacks – no one wants to ruin the memories by being hangry! I always bring perfect bars (peanut butter coconut is my fave), honey crisp apples, ice cold water in my swell bottle, and pirates booty… may not fit all the food groups but it keeps me going!
    @meghandean on instagram

  15. putting aside the obvious camera gear, definitely a cozy blanket – warm and looks lovely in the photos ??

  16. That blanket though!
    My roadtrip essential (if I can only choose one) is my best friend in the whole world, my girl Piper. She hikes, climbs, canoes, kayaks, you name it and if she can do it with four legs she does it! Most importantly though, she keeps my ❤ (and body, she’s an awesome snuggler, LOL) warm.
    IG: itsacupcakelife

  17. Thanks for you insight on these essentials! Some of which I wouldn’t have thought of. A cozy blanket would definitely make a road trip more enjoyable. I think bringing music is an essential for me, that’s the easiest way for me to relax. & living in Florida we definitely need bug spray!
    Ig: kellynicolee04

  18. My travel essential would definitely be a good pair of hiking shoes or sandals, but also a great hat to keep warm or stay cool ✌? IG:thekatwalk
    Would love to win a sackcloth blanket finally own one, haha ☺️♥️

  19. Looks awesome Renee! Does Ruby need an on-road mechanic? If so, I’m free!!
    My travel essentials would have to be a comfy pair of hiking boots.

  20. Those amazing tiny nano towels
    When it gets hot or dry, I soak them in the river and they tie nicely around as a headband, can be worn around the ears in the cold, or a handkerchief. They dry fast if you want them to, and hold water pretty well if you roll/fold it up, too!
    They’re super lightweight. I have a ton of expensive gear, but this little guy has turned out to be a godsend.

  21. I always bring a pair of cozy selfmade socks with me. They’re not super comfortable but also my grandma made them so I’ll always have a piece of home with me on my travels.
    IG: lename5

  22. Great list!
    I always need tunes and my keen hiking boots too. Because you never know when you’re going to see something gorgeous and need to stop the car, get out and hike!

  23. Although it may not be an “item”, my dog is a must have for my road trips! Makes al the difference to have a four legged friend follow me around. Instagram handle: @nachobillyanna29

  24. Road trips essentials for me is always someone you can spend days with enjoying life with creating memories!!! And course food/water 😉

  25. I’d say an essential is a good roadtrippin’ buddy! I just think it makes it so much better to have someone to share those experiences with!
    ig: @jaxonevers

  26. I’d love to win the Sack Cloth and Ashes blanket! Love all your essentials! A great book is my road trip essential! M6 IG handle is @sophiaantol

  27. My biggest roadtrip essentials are my camera and some fun playlists to blast with the windows down!
    My Instagram: @grace_alee

  28. a Columbia rain jacket! Much needed for wind, rain, any kinds of water and slightly cool temps!

  29. My husband, my pup, my camera, my hammock and a portable Bluetooth speaker for some tunes 🙂

  30. I love your blog post! I’ve been working to get mine going (slowly but surely haha). It’s so true that having comfy blankets is one way to make living on the road better!

  31. I love everything about this blog. Being from Florida has really opened my eyes to a new perspective. I never would have dreamed I would be going on the most amazing and breath taking hikes. For this, I find it super important to bring a journal now. I love capturing the moments with my Nikon, however expressing my thoughts through writing is quite memorable when I want to experience the feeling of beauty. Writing and expressing the insignificance a person can have against the world in a journal on your trips is rejuvenating. And also fun to read later.

  32. I just returned from a road trip through Shenendoah national park and The Great Smokies and my road trip essentials were energy drinks, my camera and plenty of CDs!
    Instagram: lindseybee11

  33. Hey, i enjoyed reading this.
    I’m new here and tbh do not know much about you yet, but i’m going to catch up with your older posts now that i’ve discovered your blog.
    Concerning the contest, i’d really love to win a blanket. I actually thought about getting me one of them, but as i’m living in europe it would mean too much side costs for me and unnecessary pollution for the environment to import one.
    Maybe i’ll be the lucky one 🙂
    Either way, thank you
    and have a nice day!

  34. I always need a good backpack to pack everything in, still having a hard time trying to find a decent backpack!

  35. Good tunes and good friends is a must. I think aslong as i got that im happy. And my hydroflask @mr.flapjacknate

  36. I always bring a microfiber towel! Rolls up really small for hikes to waterfalls and lakes and dries really fast. Also great for beaches because it doesn’t get sand stuck in it like regular towels.
    Instagram: @marlenags

  37. My essential road trip item would be my Stanley thermos flask. Tea cures everything 🙂 I have just packed it for my upcoming road trip through the Canadian Rockies next month!

  38. Camera, what a great way to share the unique beauty you experienced and use it to inspire others to visit these places.

  39. My husband and I never leave without our Black Diamond headlamps! It’s probably the thing we use most on every trip. We are often in a tent and sometimes, due to poor planning, don’t set up camp until after dark.
    IG: @recklessroaming

  40. My favourite road trip essential is my big, oversized sweater- I would hate to be cold during a long drive!! Instagram: rebeccamian

  41. Great post! I also love to bring a blanket with me, I’m always cold and it makes for a great prop! My DSLR is also a must have wherever I go!
    Instagram: @katelynvanessaa

  42. My wife and I were recently on a road trip where we visited Custer State Park, Badlands, Devils’s Tower, Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP. I’d say one thing that I’d consider my essential item is my waterproof fanny pack. Close runner ups would be: my quick dry swim trunk/shorts from Myles, my LLBean active sandals and off insect repellent:)
    Insta: @brownxiii

  43. With three nuggets who LOVE to road trip, we always bring our fold-and-go camp potty. Saved us many a times out in the wilderness.

  44. A exploration essential for me is a pup! Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t travel without one of our (5) dogs! They are always willing to love, provide warmth, and comfort me any time I need it trailside.
    IG: @tstanphoto

  45. On road trips, a good playlist is one of my favorite aspects! The right song can completely change an experience. I also love having books and blankets along for cozy nights ☺️

  46. I would love to win the essential oils (bc I have none) or the hydro flask because I have been meaning to get one for a trip abroad this fall!

  47. ✨✨Hello! I’ve been backpacking/ hiking with my parents for as long as I can remember!!
    We’re planning on backpacking the John Muir trail in a few years but until then this stuff would be great on all of our smaller adventures! I especially think the backpack would be great because mine is just barely holding up right now ? //
    My instagram account is @ ssophiiiaa_

  48. I would love one of the blankets, they look so pretty!!!! And the topo designs bag hehe thanks for this and all your posts

  49. Hi Renee! Love this post – one of my road trip essentials is a good notebook & pen for writing and sketching to document adventures 🙂
    And my insta is @wanderingadult !

  50. Hi Renee! I’ve been loving your posts from all the beautiful national parks. I’m a Mainer (hoping to make my way to national parks out west soon) and I absolutely love everything to do with the outdoors. For road trips, I definitely agree that a good playlist is essential. I’ve been loving Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, Leon Bridges, Vance Joy and Hozier lately. Feel good music accompanied by gorgeous views is the best combination! One thing I definitely need to include in our next road trip is a good lantern, whether for playing cards at night or preparing a hearty breakfast before sunrise…good lighting is essential, and only using our phones for light has been a pain. I absolutely adore the picture of you on top of Cadillac with the lantern! Thanks for sharing this trip! Xo

  51. I have loved following your instagram … so many awesome photos. One thing I always bring is my eno hammock but I would love winning any of your essentials. Especially the blanket. They are so beautiful.

  52. First off, I love your blog and your instagram! I am a teen who is super into hiking and adventure, so if I won I would love the backpack the most. I love to backpack with my friends!

  53. These recommendations are fantastic. We’re heading to Bend, Oregon in a few weeks, and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thank you! For road trips and backcountry adventures, our Matador camera case is an essential lightweight companion. I’d also add Peter Bradley Adams to your excellent tunes selection. Cheers!
    Instagram: @sjoandtel

  54. I would love a knew pack! I have climbed a couple 14ners here in Colorado, and my current backpack has seen better days!
    A must for me hiking/camping/traveling is water and a book… I cant go anywhere without those two things!

  55. Hey!
    The most important on a road trip is a backpack that carries my favourite essentials like a blanket to keep my feet warm, goodies to keep my energy flowing and some oils to keep my skin hydrated when on the road. Of course my camera is in the bag too, so I can retain these wonderful moments of my trip that I love to share on Instagram @anewdayanewparadise 🙂
    See you

  56. Hey Renee! My camera and a lantern are must my pack items! The lantern is pretty helpful on one day trips when you stay to capture the sunset and still need to hike back??

  57. Wow I’m loving this blog! I just got in to photography and you are so inspiring. My new travel essential is my camera! Still learning how to use it, but I’m loving this hobby!!!

  58. Hi Renee!! My husband and I are road tripping around Iceand in October and when I first started researching it, I stumbled upon your Instagram page! I’ve been liking your photos from your trip left and right so that I can remember where to visit. I would love to win your recent giveaway to have the items for our trip. ❤️❤️?

  59. My trip essentials are my insulin and everything that comes with it. Whenever i’m going on a trip or hike with my boyfriend to take pics and take a break from ‘life’ it feels like i’m free from all of that diabetes stuf. In the beginning it was hard to go on hikes but now it feels like freedom.

  60. extra blankets! abuse them to cover up your windows if you are staying at an area that has lights! have to sleep like a baby at all times Zzz !

  61. For every trip, the most essential item I pack is my camera. I can forget everything else, but my camera is priority! Instagram: @rljacq

  62. I’ve been really wanting a hydroflask! I have my best friend one for Christmas and it’s the only thing she will drink out of. I’d love one for myself! (Instagram @carolyneallen)

  63. Renee,
    Warm blanket, chocolate, comfy clothes, a good book, the last episodes of GOT (haha)..were part our daily routine in New Zealand (if traveling the country and changing places everyday can be considered as a routine). I could not agree more: being on the road H24 and challenging our comfort zone was not always “comfortable” -but with these essentials we felt safe in a constant-changing environment (it moved outside but inside the van nothing changed, everything stayed the same night after night).
    But my only true travel essential, the one and only is…my fiancé. Together we have been exploring the world for several years now: roadtripping NZ, backpacking Southeasia, hiking throughout France, and soon roadtripping Australia…Our goal is to live a life of adventure, feel alive, see and share the beauty of our world.
    Good travels Renee!

  64. You’re right music makes the trip! First and foremost! Next for me is a good bag, comfy clothes, healthy snacks, and a blanket cause my hubs keeps the things colder than I like! LOL @gyp.sea_soul

  65. My road trip essential would definitely be my furry, four-legged, adventure seeking, always-down-for-a-good-time co-pilot named Charlie. I don’t go anywhere without my dog and a road trip wouldn’t be the same without him. Otherwise, healthy snacks and meals are always a must!
    Instagram: @julie.lynn

  66. I always travel with my Camelback backpack. It holds all my stuff plus a water bladder…got to have my water:)
    Instagram @anggrant

  67. Good company, comfy clothes, music, camera gear, and good book are my definite travel essentials! (@willswanders on instagram)

  68. Definitely a blanket, camera and a companion! All the essentials to make good memories. Blanket can keep you warm and cozy, serve as a base to lay down and stare at the stars, or a picnic blanket for lunch. Camera to document the memories with your companion. Instagram: tinahmanning

  69. A travel journal is a must for me! ? Love flipping back in the pages and reading detailed reminders of wonderful memories!

  70. Every road trip needs a travel buddy. Dog, boyfriend or best friend. Trips are always better when you have someone to share the memories with. Oh and a great pillow!

  71. I’m constantly finding healthy items to eat while away! Weather a local general store with healthy items or bring my own stuff- it’s quite a challenge, but a must. I love your idea of doing it ??

  72. Lately my travel essential has been the SA gear faceshields. In Iceland they were used from actual faceshields, to hairties/headbands, to small blankets to shield from camera from random rain. Plus they come in a ton of cool designs!! -@kayy_tay -instagram

  73. My road trip essential is definitely a good playlist, I always make it a few days before to psych myself up for the trip! ☺️ Instagram handle – @lizzieclark_

  74. My essential item for any trip is a pair of good shoes! Walking and eexploring is what travelling is all about…you can’t do that without a trusty pair of walking shoes ?????

  75. It may not be a warm, comfy blanket but I think my phone (AKA camera, maps, music, games, podcasts and videos) is one of my essentials.
    IG: _miamiconnection

  76. One of my quintessential road trip items would have to be friends or family. I love experiencing places with people; there’s nothing better than being in awe alongside another person that you’re close to.
    My Instagram is @garrettmaynrd – thank you so much for the opportunity!

  77. All things in your giveaway are awesome!! As photos ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for chance ? But! The lantern is absolutely true love for me and want it the most!!
    Instagram: @olikshy

  78. Would Love to get the chance to live the vanlife one day! And I feel like a soft, warm and Beautiful blanket would definitely be needed! 😉

  79. Since I love to camp and wander around in nature I must say that those blankets look like they will become my new travel essentials. Currently, I am travelling through Austria and a must is an easy to set up and pack up tent. Ours has a coating that keeps it cool even in hot weather and it has a star roof! So this tent is definitely on my current travel essential list. Other than that, power packs, hiking boots and needless to say, my two best friends in life: my camera and my boyfriend 😉

  80. One of my road trip essentials is a book of road trip games. Always a lot of fun when spending long amounts of time in the car.

  81. One of my road trip essentials is my camera!! ? I cannot go on any adventures without my camera in hand. There is nothing that brings me more joy than flicking back through photos of old adventures. My instagram handle is @sarahgarnam ?

  82. The most important ‘thing’ on a road trip is for sure the right friend! ? And the right clothes (including shoes) to keep you warm, cool or dry – I learned that the hard way in Norway in winter haha ?

  83. Great. Zen Central definitely is something that is so overlooked in all forms of travel I find. It’s a good one to remember.
    As for my road trip essentials:
    GPS, Plastic Bag and my Jetboil
    Nothing causes me more anxiety than not having some sort of means to figure out where I am going. Drivng causes me great anxiety to begin with, having a GPS relives some of it.
    Plastic bag = bin bag
    = dirty laundry hamper
    = rock collection bag
    And so many other uses. Need I say more?
    My Jet Boil. Who doesn’t want
    Coffee in under 3min, no matter where you are?

  84. I just fell in love with sackcloth & ashes blankets! Game changer! That now comes with me everywhere I go ?
    Now that my husband and I are starting to plan outings I’d love to try out BAREBONES LANTERN or TOPO DESIGNS ROVER PACK. Winning this would be so amazing
    – Thank you!
    Insta: @carmaan

  85. My #1 road trip essential is a good book with a cozy blanket for those long drives on the road. I can’t wait to find out where this summer will take me on the map!

  86. Another great post Renee !
    Thanks for sharing, i need to pack my sunglasses, kindle, green tea and my lovely wife 🙂

  87. my road trip essential is my journal. we forget far more than we remember and with a journal, it’s easy to track down parts of the trip that i may later forget!

  88. I’m in love with the blanket and my roadtrip essential are a good book, my camera and my best friend. I’m from Italy and my dream is to visit the America’s National Parks ??

  89. My #1 essential is having some good tunes. Can’t go wrong driving along roads through unknown places with some great music playing.
    instagram: @h_garant

  90. One of my essential road trip essential is my camera! Definitely never leave home without it cuz you never know when I want to capture a moment or a beautiful landscape. @itskareene (IG).

  91. Some of my road trip essentials are good company, some good indie tunes and cozy socks!
    Instagram: @marycawhite

  92. I love your photos and the amazing places you visit! My road trip essential is any of my siblings; that’s an extra plus to the fun.
    Instagram: @agus_marquezz

  93. Great article! I always try to get a good map of the area, I love studying them to find out of the way places, exploring hiking trails and planning new routes.

  94. Absolutely love your posts hon! So much great information.
    One of my essential road trip items is my partner! Not only is he the best company and entertainment, he is handy with the driving, setting up camp, lighting a campfire and helps me take my pics (with me in it) or he’s my human element in the shot!
    Otherwise a quick dry towel is the best road trip item, no need to dry yourself off on a wet towel or wait for it to dry 🙂
    Instagram: @photography_byron_bay

  95. My roadtrip essentiel is leggings, a cozy sweather and the old milk dispenser shape like a cat my mom bought… to take them with me : ) @annedrew.f

  96. Favorite road trip essentials include: new tunes downloaded on my iPhone, RxBars to snack on, Silicone speaker for my iPhone (because it’s waterproof), and as many books as I can fit in my backpack! ❤️
    Instagram handle: MountainFunk

  97. I love the naturalness of your photos! I do not go anywhere without my camera and my hydroflask. I have 4 HFs and they just keep my stuff so hot and cold, they don’t compare to any other thermos. I drink water like a crazy person and I like it to be super cold. This blog post also gave me some other ideas for my next adventure! Thank you!

  98. Hello!!!
    I am super interested in the hydroflask bottle as it seems like a sturdy and fashionable way to bring essentials around.
    Other essentials of course include a good read, camera and sense of adventure.
    Thanks and I love your feed & website!

  99. Love this list and following along with your adventures on instagram!
    Road Trip Essential- My adventure shoes AND a second pair of comfy shoes to slide on after I get off the trails… preferably my Chacos followed by my Birks! ???
    IG- @alyssajocasey

  100. Love your blog and pictures! You inspire me to travel! My roadtrip essential is my chaco sandal! They are super comfy to wear everywhere, and super convenient if I am doing lake crossing and stuff ? @jennyyypham

  101. Absolutely love this post! My husband and I would love to travel more often, hike, and possibly live out of our car for an extended period of time. We’re planning a trip to Arches National park, and the Grand Canyon. I would love to win these goodies! This post was very helpful, and I’m already looking into those hiking boots?? Thank you for sharing some great tips! I don’t have much to contribute to roadtrip essentials as we haven’t been able to travel a ton lately, but recently we did buy some great little travel pillows for back support. Sounds old lady-ish but they seriously help! We got them at Marshall’s. 🙂 Thanks again for the post Renee! – @rachel_gunby

  102. My #1 roadtrip essential is good friends. Sure you can’t wear them, use them to boil water in, eat them, or stuff all your daily items in them, but that Hydroflask staring at you from the passenger seat won’t be nearly as good at conversation. Good friends are a must and can turn any terrible travel day (i.e. Getting lost, flat tire, traffic jams, etc) into something much more bearable.
    Instagram: @aaronarryo

  103. One of my road trip essentials is my inflatable kayak! It’s about the size of a large suitcase, and easily packs in the back of my car. It takes minutes to inflate, and is incredible for exploring new lakes, oceans and rivers. It’s an awesome way to get exercise while traveling, and it creates an incredible spot for me to take pictures from while getting up close and personal with the atmosphere around me. Thank you for sharing you adventures with us!
    My instagram is; @kathefferen

  104. My road trip essentials are my camera, journal and a light weight cotton scarf – I live in SE Asia and a scarf is a life saver for overly air conditioned buses, an emergency towel, sun protection or for touring temples! My Instagram is @kelseychartman

  105. Amazing!! Love the tips of your favorite #vanlife essentials!! I always pack a blanket scarf when I travel! It’s so versatile & can be used as a scarf, shawl, blanket, “eye/face mask”, pillow case, shade cover, etc!! But that rover pack is rad! I can definitely use that to pack all the essentials! @jessicaltaylor #intendedadventures

  106. My travel essential is my camera! I always want to capture the beauty of what I am seeing.
    Love your trip to visit all the nat’l parks! I would love to do it one day 🙂
    IG: @jmsun

  107. Thanks for another helpful post! Keep em coming! ???
    And an essential road trip for me would be my blanket and pillow ?
    IG: thekatwalk

  108. One of my essential items is a hammock and a book so I can relax while waiting for golden light ?
    In the winter, I always bring handwarmers because my frost bitten toes will fall off without them!

  109. My road trip essentials are my Smart wool socks along with my fiancé who is my best road trip partner! ?
    My Instagram is @lindzrasmussen

  110. Oh I love this blog post! Those are all great essentials. I’m all about comfy clothes, healthy snacks and good tunes! Gotta have em 🙂
    I’m in love with the Sackcloth & Ashes blanket! I’d love to win this giveaway?
    Instagram: @gracefullybonkers

  111. My road trip essential is my camera to capture all the beautiful places, my favorite hiking boots, and yummy snacks! we just got back from a 1 month road trip to national parks on the west coast and Canada, you inspired us!! IG: @gzunigam

  112. my absolute road trip essential is comfortable clothes+boots. a swimsuit, lara bars, coconut water. and camera gear-especially a stabilizer for the little vlogs we do along the way!
    instagram: @lifeoftheviolet

  113. I can’t leave without my journal. I love to document what I’ve seen in that day and re-read those good stories years later.
    My instagram is @lauren_hol

  114. I can’t leave without my journal. I love to document what I’ve seen in that day and re-read those good stories years later.
    My instagram is @lauren_hol

  115. Every adventure is better when you have the right gear. My girlfriend and I could use the gear since we hike a lot but live on a tight budget. I hope you continue to share your adventures with us. ??

  116. I can’t leave without my journal. I love to document what I’ve seen in that day and re-read those good stories years later.
    My instagram is @lauren_hol

  117. My favorite travel gear is a bandana because I can use it for so many things; a neck scarf, headband, if I get hot, a blindfold to play games with kids , a way to distinguish my luggage . I just love bandanas
    Inst: @evelynmgutierrez

  118. The most important thing on a road trip is compact storage for your everyday items (including camera gear for me too which goes with me everywhere) I’ve yet to invest in a super solid pack but will be soon as I’ve come to realize how difficult and unsecure things can be/become when all I have is a normal backpack.
    Instagram is @joshuadmcmillan

  119. Is this where we leave our comments? One of my camping essentials is obviously food and fire, but one thing I like to bring along just for my liking is a hammock and a blanket. Just to relax in the beauty of the world.

  120. My essential travel gear is my camera and my journal. So I will never forget the experiences I had in life!
    My instagram is @danielyouu

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