Top 10 Most Instagram Worthy Sights in Tasmania

Top 10 Most Instagram Worthy Sights in Tasmania

Tasmania is the perfect destination to experience beautiful landscapes and capture a wide range of photos. From beaches to mountains, waterfalls to gardens… this small island will have your wanderlust satisfied and Instagram posts covered!

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1. Wineglass Bay

Located within Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world! There are numerous ways to see the gorgeous white sand beach and crystal blue water. My favourite viewpoint is from the summit of Mount Amos – a steep hike up from the main parking lot. Go at sunrise for insane views like the one below.

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2. Bridestowe Lavender Farm

This magical lavender farm near Launceston is definitely an Instagram worthy location! Go in the afternoon for softer light, try a lavender flavoured ice cream and take in the picturesque sights.

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3. Bruny Island

A short drive & ferry ride from Hobart, Bruny Island is the perfect location for a quiet getaway. The island is full of native wildlife, massive trees and wild beaches. “The Neck” is an isthmus of land connecting the north and south parts of Bruny Island. Go at sunrise for better light and less tourists or at dusk for a chance to see the local penguins!

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4. Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires is an absolute must-see if you’re in Tasmania! This conservation area is famous for its white sandy beaches, orange lichen-covered granite boulders and crystal clear waters. The image below was taken at Binalong Bay during an epic sunrise – often the best time for photos!

Instagram – @matthewhahnel

5. Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington towers above Hobart and offers some impressive views! The short 20 minute drive to the summit passes through various ecosystems and finishes with panoramic views of Hobart, Bruny Island, the D’Entrecasteux Channel and the South West Wilderness. Make your way up there at sunrise for the chance to witness light similar to Jason’s photo below.

Instagram – @jasoncharleshill

6. Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Peninsula is one of the most wild and stunning places in the whole of Tasmania. In my opinion, it is best to experience this coastal area via the Three Capes Track (click here for an in-depth review and description).  ‘The Blade’ on Cape Pillar is like nowhere else and has to be seen to be believed…

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7. Little Blue Lake

Also known as Sth Mt Cameron, Little Blue Lake is an aqua blue slice of paradise. The colour is a natural phenomenon resulting from mining days and mineral build up at the base. If you can’t capture an epic Instagram photo here then you’re doing something wrong!

Instagram – @tasleolife

8. Cradle Mountain

Everyone should spend a couple of days exploring this wild and picturesque national park. The park is most famous for Cradle Mountain itself and beautiful Dove Lake sitting below. Mt Campbell is a short hike (but steep in parts) from Dove Lake and provides insane views of Cradle Mountain and the surrounding areas. The photo below was taken at sunset from just below the summit of Mt Campbell.

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9. Russell Falls

Russel Falls is not surprisingly a very popular place for photographers to flock. Located in Mt Field National Park, the falls can be accessed via a 1 hour drive from Hobart and then a 20 minute rainforest return walk. Waterfalls are best photographed in soft light or during overcast weather. Use a tripod and long exposure to get that ‘milky’ look to the water.

Instagram – @benleodavis

10. Kitchen Hut

Kitchen Hut is another gem of Cradle Mountain National Park. I would highly recommend climbing the stairs to the second story. From here you can take in the views of Cradle Mountain through the upper doorway, also providing the perfect framing for your Instagram shot!

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  1. As if I didn’t already want to book a flight over and take a road trip through Tasmania! These spots are so stunning. Especially in love with the Little Blue Lake. I can’t even wrap my head around that color!

  2. Not sure if you had the time, but Shipstern’s bluff is an amazing sight to see. When there’s swell it’s one of the heaviest waves in the world. SE coast of Tasmania
    IG is @jordy.lutes

  3. Your blog post was awesome! This place will forsure go on my list of places to see next year on my big trip around the Australia, Asia and New Zealand! Love your photos, they’re so gorgeous and just tell an amazing story!
    IG: @brendinkelly

    1. Thank you Brendin! I am glad the post inspired you for your travels. That sounds like an amazing trip! Your IG gallery is top quality, I particularly loved the waterfall shots!

  4. Amazing photos! We visited Tasmania back in October 2016, but our photos are nowhere near the quality of yours! Could never wake up that early to hike too, haha. About to visit Scotland in May, so hopefully we can get some lovely photos there, inspired by you! We are @anderspluscindy on IG 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos! Looks amazing, I shall add Tasmania to my travel list. And thanks for sharing from everyones instagrams, I have lots more people to go and follow now 🙂
    Marie x
    (@marieefrancesca on insta)

  6. Wow! Really informative and incredible post! Love Tasmania but haven’t got too much of a chance to explore even though I’m originally from Melbourne! Will definitely be using this post as a guide when I visit! @dreamtimetraveler

    1. Thank you Réka! You will have to get back to Australia so that you can visit beautiful Tasmania! Thanks for sharing your IG and blog – I loved checking them both out! You are very talented 🙂

  7. You have the life I want to live!! I so hope I get to visit, and see all of these wonderful places! Starting up my own blog, to document my travels in Europe! Please let me know if you have tips or little notes of knowledge 🙂 – @sarahelizahope

    1. Thanks Sarah! I loved checking out your IG gallery. You have a real knack for light and capturing the moment. My advice for blogging is to write about & photograph what makes you passionate 🙂

  8. Such cool places and great pictures! Very inspiring, thank u for this blogpost! I love taking pictures of nature and landscapes. My IG handle is “malin.ahr”. Take a look at my page if u feel like it. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check my post out! You have some really stunning photos on your IG account. The nature photos are beautiful but the dog photos are so cute!

  9. I loved this post so much. One day I will travel the world like you do, I will make it happen! I never thought of Tasmania as a must visit-place for me, but now it definitely is! Your photography skills are simply amazing and every picture breathtaking. I can only dream of ever being as talented as you! Love your blog so much xx
    (ig: katrionamarii)

  10. Did not realise how beautiful and diverse Tasmania really is ??? I love seeing your posts on Instagram ?? My user name is racheal_trail

  11. I’ve honestly been saving most of these places on google maps for when I get the chance to make it down to AUS. Seriously can’t wait. @vvnnie

  12. Amazing post! My best friend and I are planning to go to Australia at the end of the year, so thank you for this inspiration. I’ve been following your Instagram for months and months and months, it’s one of my favorite. Your pictures are so beautiful (I loved your Canadian trip). My account is @nathaliemroch. I just got back from Cuba, it’s a wonderful country. If you ever go there, you’ll be very inspired for your pictures!
    Thanks again for sharing this article!

  13. Did not know of some of these places and I’ve lived a 2 hour plane flight for most of my life. Thanks for putting them on the map Renee. Love your and Matts work.
    All the best. Dave. @travel_in_pixels

  14. I love how these photographs make everything look so good. We need more people to promote different places in the world in positive way. Thanks for sharing. You you can check my ig. @shuttlemeintospace.

  15. I admire your view for taking such a lovely photographs, always looking yours and Matthews journeys. Greetings from Argentina!

  16. I love your pictures to begin with but wow you definitely found some amazing sights in Tasmania and have made it a spot on my list of places I’d love to travel to! Always worth those early mornings for that golden light! Love the way you capture it 🙂 – @kelsealoha

  17. I don’t usually go into people blog from Instagram. But I’m so glad I did tonight. Your pictures are amazing! And I’m really considering going to Tasmania. Thank you for sharing! Cradle mountain picture is amazing!!

  18. Thanks for sharing Renee. I love following your and Matthew’s adventures. I hope you can make it back to beautiful Tassie soon!

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