13 Hacks for Traveling like a Pro

These are my top hacks for making sure your travels are as comfortable, enjoyable and as easy as can be. Let me know what your travel hacks are in the comments section below!

13 Hacks for Traveling like a Pro


1. Always take tissues

Handy for wiping up spillages, a bathroom stop somewhere not quite ideal, to cover dirty surfaces when preparing food or eating, giving to that snotty child next to you, or simply using to blow your nose.

2. Pack a water bottle and snacks

Don’t buy a bunch of disposable plastic bottles when you travel (so wasteful), just invest in a good water bottle and fill it up whenever you can. I have been loving my hydroflask recently! Take some snacks along in your hand luggage if flying or the car on road trips. No one will want to be around you if you’re hungry! I also pack a spork, which ALWAYS comes in handy!

3. Multi task your clothing items

A down jacket can be used as a comfy pillow, a seat cushion, to elevate your book/kindle/ipad when flying (put it on the food tray), or to use as a semi-blanket. I get so cold on planes and public transport so I always take a light weight scarf, wrap or shawl with me. Similar to a down jacket, this can be used as a blanket, pillow, to cover your eyes/face when sleeping, for modest attire in some temples and churches, the list goes on…

4. Take a portable battery pack

This is a life saver! I use this one to keep my iPhone, kindle and iPad alive during a long flight or day out exploring. I usually wear my favorite watch too, just in case my electronics run out of battery and I need to know the time.

5. Don’t forget a pen

Useful for filling out those airport luggage tags, jotting down an address, directions, or someones contact details. I have learnt to not rely on my phone for this as it can run out of battery after a very long day(s) of traveling.

6. Pack the essentials in your hand luggage

Like underwear, a spare change of clothes, money, phone charger, headphones, camera, Kindle, tablet, laptop, chapstick, and any travel itinerary/booking information. You never know when your luggage will get lost! Recently my favorite carry-on bag has been my Fjallraven Rucksack.

7. Take ear plugs and an eye mask

Especially if staying in hotels or taking lots of flights.

8. Utilize apps and reduce paper

I love using the “Wallet” app on my iPhone or using the airline and accommodation apps to save flight details and tickets. This is so much easier than carrying bulky papers around!

9. Take a power adapter and a power board

Take an international power adapter and then a power board from your home country. This way you can charge multiple things at once even if your accommodation has only one power socket.

10. Don’t take brand new shoes

Unworn shoes will very likely lead to blisters. Wear them in a little before you depart, or make sure to pack a box of bandaids! My favorite winter travel shoots are my Danner boots and I cannot live without my Teva sandals in the summer.

11. Pack clothes that won’t wrinkle

As you probably won’t have access to an iron, unless you are staying in fancy hotels. Rolling your clothes will also help prevent wrinkles. If you are in a pinch then hanging your clothes in the bathroom and steaming it up will also work wonders.

12. Hand wash your clothes

This is super easy and will save you lots of money in laundry fees. Pack a small bottle of detergent (I prefer to use a concentrated all purpose product like Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap because then I can use it as body wash, shampoo, dish cleaner etc. if I need to). I put my soap in a leak proof bottle to prevent spillages. Another tip is to use some plastic/saran wrap under the lid to stop leakages.

13. Bring a spare trash bag (or a few!)

This comes in handy when you have items such as wet clothes/swimsuits/towels or dirty hiking boots to pack. There are so many other purposes you an use a trash bag for in a pickle: a poncho, lining your pack if it’s raining, to sit on when the ground is damp, to store food, as a pressure bandage, as a makeshift plate, or to slip into your sleeping bag for extra warmth.


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  1. Hi! Just stumbled onto your blog from Pinterest and you are a lifesaver! Seriously. But I did want to ask what sandals you’re wearing in the first picture at Machu Picchu?

  2. Hi Renee. Wonderful ideas! I love your 13 HACKS FOR TRAVELING LIKE A PRO. I do agree with 13 hacks especially, pack the essential in hand luggage because I had ever forgotten my hand luggage causing the trip wasn’t smooth. For the next trip, I will never forget it again so I have already bought a travel accessory hand bag from here http://www.pirt.org/best-travel-accessories-women/. I hope my next trip would be smoother. Thank you very much for your sharing.

  3. I just wanted to say I discovered you on Instagram a few days ago and I had a revelation. I follow other travelers too but there is something so genuine about your activity that’s been confirmed in your blog posts too, as I can see. Unlike other people who get sponsored or are affiliated you don’t try to mask that. You are very honest and that reflects in your photography and your words and your activity in general. You are an inspiration, making people want to pack their bags and just leave. As for the photography everything is such good quality, amazing esthetics and storytelling. Congrats and greetings from Romania!

  4. My tip – I always carry a small carabiner clipped to my pack. They can be fantastic if a strap or clip breaks during your travels. You can use it to hang things to dry or clip your water bottle to your pack.

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