22 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers 2020

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I know 2020 has been an unusual year for travel and we have all adapted to enjoying local adventures instead of faraway vacations. In saying that, the travel bug appears to be very much still alive in all my fellow travel lovers out there. To help you buy for your travel crazed friends and family these holidays, I have put together this guide featuring 22 of the best gifts for travel lovers.

22 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers 2020

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22 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers 2020

The following gift guide includes a wide range of options, including affordable stocking stuffers all the way up to more luxury gifts. Every item is unisex and can be enjoyed by any travel lover! Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, or just because, this travel gift guide will help you find the best travel gifts for that special someone!

Wooden world map

This 3D wall map comes in 4 different wood styles and various sizes to fit any space. I love that you can pin the places you’ve traveled to! It also comes gift wrapped, ready for gift giving.

Passport wallet

This isn’t just any old passport wallet, Nomad’s Traditional Passport Wallet comes with a Tracking Tile, so they will never lose their passport again!

Cabin stay

Give them the gift of a dreamy cabin stay! There are so many amazing cabins all around the world to choose from. If you’re PNW based, I put together this list of 24 cabins and treehouses to rent in Washington State.

Filter water bottle

It can be tricky to find clean water when traveling and buying single-use plastic bottles should always be avoided. I love this Epic Travel Filter Water Bottle because it’s easy to use and lightweight.

Away luggage

I’ve been a fan of Away luggage for years now. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to store (they fit inside each other). Choose from a range of colors and sets.

Flight Flap

This little device might look odd, but trust me, it’s a must-have! The Flight flap weights almost nothing and can be used in a variety of ways on a flight. I mostly use it to watch movies on my iPad or phone.

Van rental

Road trips and local getaways are some of the best (and safest) ways to travel right now. Give the gift of adventure with a Cabana gift card. That way they can book their own van getaway!

Kindle E-Reader

I literally take my Kindle Paperwhite everywhere and find it to be the best travel companion for long travel days. I love that the new version is waterproof and comes in 4 different colors!

Peak Design backpack

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is the perfect combination of minimal and functional. It has sections for everything you could think of, including camera gear and a laptop.

Tech pouch

Another incredible Peak Design product is their Tech Pouch. It’s perfect for storing cables, chargers, batteries, camera accessories, and travel essentials. Comes in 5 different colors and holds its form when open (so handy!)

Cutlery set

They can say goodbye to single-use plastic waste with this aesthetic and functional cutlery set. The kit comes with every kind of utensils you could need for on-the-go eating and drinking, plus a compact and convenient pouch.

Framed memories

Give the gift of lasting memories with a Framebridge framed photo. Or you could opt for a gift card and let them frame one of their favorite travel moments.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

I take the Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones on every single trip I go on and also frequently use them in everyday life. These are a must-have for travel in my opinion!

Silk eye mask

The Slip Silk Eye Mask is a gift of luxury and comfort. This eye mask feels so nice to wear and is great at blocking out light when flying and sleeping in bright rooms. Comes in 24 colors and patterns.

Pour-over coffee

These Kuju Single-Serve Pour-Over Coffee packets are so handy when traveling. There is no compromise on quality or taste, they are easy to use, ethically sourced, no-mess, and way more affordable than buying coffee out every day of your trip.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a lifesaver when traveling! Not only do they help organize clothing and accessories, but they help you fit SO much more in your suitcase! I love the quality and functionality of these Peak Design Packing Cubes.

Jet lag mask

The Summer Fridays Jet Lag Face Mask will save your skin when flying! It’s super nourishing and you can visibly notice the difference in radiance and hydration after using. Can also be used as an everyday face cream. Comes in full-size and travel-sized versions.

Artful Agenda

In the past, I have struggled with finding the right planner to fit in with my travels. I made the switch to a digital Arftful Agenda planner and it has been so much more convenient for travel. Feel free to use my affiliate code (RR177283) for a complimentary cover design.

Foot Sling

This foot sling is a lifesaver if you are short and subsequently need extra foot support on flights. I notice less back pain on long haul flights when using this foot sling, and it’s super easy to pack and assemble.

Roaming America

A little bit of cheeky self-promotion here… but any travel lover would surely be stoked to receive my coffee table book on the US National Parks, Roaming America 😉

Charging bank

The Goal Zero Sherpa 40 Recharger is so handy for travel. It’s charges tablets 1-2 times and phones 3-4 times, plus it’s slim, packable, and durable.

Camera cube

The Topo Designs Camera Cube is the perfect gift for someone who likes to travel with a regular bag but also carries their camera with them. It’s a padded cube that fits inside most backpacks/bags and keeps your camera gear safe.

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22 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers 2020

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