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I was interviewed recently by Wander-Full for their Wanderluster series. Here is a short snippet of the questions. If you would like to check out the entire interview you can head on over to Wander-Full by clicking here.

Originally published in April ’16

From a small family farm in Melbourne, to the impressive landscapes of Boulder, Colorado, you’ve traveled quite a distance to make a new home for yourself. How did you decide on the US? 
My husband and I first traveled to the US in 2012. We spent 3 months road tripping across the country and totally fell in love with the diverse landscapes and opportunities for adventure. In 2014 we were lucky enough to win the Green Card Lottery, which allows us to live and work anywhere in the US without constantly renewing visas.
We chose Boulder because of its closeness to the mountains, young and progressive culture, and the weather. We love hiking, camping, and snowboarding, so being near the mountains just makes sense. I also love the seasons here… summer is warm and sunny, fall is absolutely gorgeous, winter is like a wonderland, and spring is lush and green.
Australia will always be “home” but the US is where we want to currently live and explore. 
Your photography really is quite beautiful – how has traveling influenced that creative venture?
Thank you! I have always loved taking photos of my travels, but up until about a year ago I was mainly using point-and-shoot cameras or my iPhone. My husband is a professional photographer and he inspired me to purchase a DSLR and start capturing my own perspectives of the places we travel.
I think for me a lot of my work is about trying to capture a moment and share it with others, as if to say “look how magical this place is, you have to see it for yourself!” I aim to capture the “feeling” behind a moment, not just the view. By doing this I hope it inspires my followers to get out and experience the world for themselves.
You mention on your blog that travel has been a big part of your life and inspiration ever since you were little. What is it that makes the experiences through travel so important to you?
Travel has taught me so much. If we simply stay inside our homes, towns, states, or even countries, we will only ever know what is familiar to us. Breaking out of your comfort zone teaches you about other cultures and opens your eyes to other ways of living.
Visiting a third world country always makes me want to donate most of my possessions and never buy anything new again… for a time anyway. But in all seriousness, traveling shows you that possessions are just things that we hold onto.
Experiences will leave lasting memories and encourage growth and change. Another aspect of travel that I value is the friendships made along the way. I met one of my best friends on a holiday 10 years ago, and have made countless other friendships during my travels.

Read the full article here!

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  1. I absolutely love your and your husbands photography, and your blog is rad. Concise but so informative and useful. Thanks for all the inspiration and keep it up!

  2. I’m in love with your blog and your photos. I was lucky enough to travel in Utah and California and I’m just in love with america’s national parks. I spent 18 months in the US, and was lucky enough to manage to visit a new place every month. I’m making everything i can to be able to come back. On a complete, unrelated note, as i love your photos, do you use filters when you shoot ? Or do you get that soft and glowy atmosphere from your pictures thanks to post-editing?

    1. Thanks so much Emeline! The National Parks really are something special. I sometimes use filters when there is a need for it (Lee brand). I also edit my photos with Lightroom and Photoshop afterwards, with my own presets that I have created over time. I hope that helps!

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